Puppies/Older dogs for Sale from members of the Miniature Pinscher Club of Victoria Inc.


WILOOKA - Jeanette Fenton - Stawell - 0418 384 734 - [email protected]
Dogs VIC Member - 3100011224
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Beautiful red girl for sale.

Has been a very smart show girl and tried to be a mum but sadly parenthood wasn't meant for her so she was desexed.

At just 3 & half years old, she is a very loyal girl to her family loves to be everywhere with you.

Microchip Number: 978102100138397

She will come with a generous adult pack to help her settle in to her new home.
This will include food, treats, a coat, lead & collar plus more.
The pack will also include an information book full of info about the breed, helpful hints, do's & don'ts, plus more.

A Miniature Pinschers life span is usually 14 to 16 + years.

For genuine enquiries, please email me with your name and contact details, or leave a message (if I don't answer) on my mobile with your name and number for me to call you back on. I live in an area with very poor phone reception so may not call you back the same day.


BRANDYARK -  Debbie & Greg O'Donnell - Brandy Hill NSW - 0448 887 118 - [email protected]
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We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of 5 red babies on 16th January, 2018. These puppies are born and raised in our family home. Both parents have excelled in the show ring, and are our much-loved pets when not out showing.

We currently have one red girl available to an approved pet home on the limited register with Dogs NSW, no showing or breeding. 

Puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes from around 20th March. They will be vaccinated, microchipped and wormed, and registered with Dogs NSW. They will come with some food to get them started in their new homes, as well as toys and a folder containing all of their health records, personal information and general breed information. We offer lifetime support for our puppies and their new families.

If you would like to offer one of our puppies a home, please contact me at [email protected] for an application form.


Guidelines for purchasing your Min Pin Puppy  


When looking for a Miniature Pinscher puppy there are a few general guidelines you should keep in mind.

Talk to the breeder, letting them ask you questions and telling them where, why and how, about your desire to own one of the most wonderful breeds in the world.
When you go to see the puppies make sure they are happy, healthy, shiny,  little bundles of love and mischief, who are kept in clean conditions with lots of toys, ask to meet the mother and if possible the father (sometimes this is not possible because the breeder may have used an outside stud dog, then ask to at least see photos of him) 
Sit down and watch the babies running around, making sure they are playing with each other and interacting with people, they can be a little hesitant at first with people they don’t know but should come around after a little while, also ask to meet the breeders other dogs, making sure they are healthy, happy dogs – they may take a little longer to warm up to strangers in their domain but they should eventually come over to greet and sniff you.

If the breeder is a Dogs Victoria member the mother of the puppies MUST be 18 months of age or older.


Miniature Pinschers come in 4 different colours that are recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) breed standard – Red of various shades (with a black nose), Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan and Blue & Tan - Red and Black & Tan are more common than Chocolate & Tan or Blue & Tan.  There are other colours (fawn, isabella) that are not recognized but they are not “RARE”, they are just not accepted for breeding or showing by the breed standard, so therefore they MUST be registered on limit register with the ANKC, these colours cannot be registered on mains register according to ANKC rules, these puppies are perfectly fine as a pet or performance dog (i.e. obedience, agility, tracking, earthdog etc.) therefore these puppies should not command a higher price.  Only the 4 colours listed in the standard - ie: red, black & tan, chocolate & tan, blue & tan, are eligible for main registration.
The colour of the puppy should not dictate the price – “LOVE DOES NOT COME IN COLOURS”
The temperament of male and female Min Pins are very similar, so both make wonderful pets and if desexed by 6 months of age, most boys will not mark their territory nearly as vigorously as they would if entire and the girls will not come into season attracting all the male dogs in the district and maybe ending up having an litter of unwanted cross bred puppies.

The Miniature Pinscher has very few health problems in Australia, occasionally luxating patella’s (knee caps) do occur, as with many toy breeds but recently this has become a rarity in the Miniature Pinscher.  Reputable breeders will be aware of this and will breed to avoid the problem.

You should expect to pay in the region of $1600 to $2000 for a quality puppy who will bring you 13 to 16 years of love and devotion (Aug. 2017)

Also have a read of the Miniature Pinscher Standard (“Min Pin Standard & breed info” button on this website) to familiarize yourself with some of the finer points of this great little breed, you may not fully understand all of it but it will give you more knowledge on what you are looking for.  
No dog is perfect, they all will have some faults but this makes them no less valuable as pets. 


A puppy will not be able to leave for a new home until they are 8 weeks of age or older.

When you have purchased your new baby make sure you receive the following from the breeder, as per Dogs Victoria regulations -
- Certified Pedigree (family tree) & transfer form (one item)
- Written information on breed characteristics.
- Vaccination records.
- Responsible dog ownership information.
- Diet information.
- Receipt.
- Microchip transfer.

Other items which may be supplied includes but is not limited to -
- The Miniature Pinscher breed standard.
- Extended pedigree. (family tree)
- Information on foods to avoid, poisonous plants, training & toilet training tips, how to keep your dog comfortable in hot & cold weather etc.
- Paperwork for joining Dogs Victoria.
- Membership form for the Miniature Pinscher Club of Victoria Inc.
- A sample of the food your puppy is used to eating.
- A blanket or toy that will smell like where they have been bred, to help them settle in to their new home.

Your puppy's breeder will be there for you when you have any questions about your new baby. 

Above all good luck in your search for your new family member.


Jane Morrey - 0400 105 876


Please notify Jane if you have any puppies for sale as we regularly get enquiries, don't forget you can also advertise them here on our web site..  

There is no charge to Min Pin Club members for
on the club's web site.

However we do request a fee of $5.00 per puppy
or older dog that is sold through the web site or our Puppy Rep.










Contact Details

Secretary - Mrs Lisa Prior - [email protected]

Puppy enquiries - Jane Morrey - 0400 105 876